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tEACHING Support

As graphic novels permeate schools and classrooms across the country, there is a greater need than ever to give teachers the resources and tools they need to successfully implement and advocate for Graphic Novels.  Below, please find some excerpts from our latest book Worth a Thousand Words to help start you on your Graphic Novel journey.


Struggling Readers

Using Graphic Novels To Help Struggling Readers

Creating Graphic Novels

Resources for creating and using graphic novels in your classroom

Addressing Concerns

Addressing parental or administrative concerns about using graphic novels.

Graphic Novel Resources

Guidelines and Resources to Help You Support Your Reading/Graphic Novel Choices

Reproducible Handouts

From 'Worth a Thousand Words'

Don't see the resource that you need?  Contact us for additional support including​​:

  • Workshops

  • PTA Talks

  • Curricular Planning

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