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Manhattan: Mapping the Story of an Island

by Jennifer Thermes New York, NY: Abrams Books for Young Readers 2019

This cross between a graphic novel and picture book is all ages book (literally and figuratively) beautifully telling the story of Manhattan. Thermes begins at the beginning allowing us to view, feel, and enter the island as it was millions of years ago (as a sheltered island anchored on bedrock found in an estuary where a freshwater river meets the salty sea) and watch it change through the millenia. We view it as an island home of the Lanape, see how it was discovered by an Englishman named Henry Hudson and how its peoples, and landscape changed over the years to the metropolis we know today. Done in vibrant and warm watercolors, the island - its history and peoples come alive - inviting readers of all ages to truly experience the island's history.

All ages

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