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Lily Renee, Escape Artist

by Trina Robbins, Anne Timmons and Mo Oh. Minneapolis, MN: Graphic Universe, 2011

This is a biography of Lily Renee Wilheim who grew up in a Jewish home of privilege in Vienna, Austria in the 1930’s. This is about Lily’s escape on the Kindertransport (an agreement between Germany and England to send Jewish children out of the country in the late 1930’s) and the life she made as a teen and adult in the United States (as a comic book artist). Aside from Lily’s story, this book contains an awesome Appendix explaining: Kristallnacht, concentration vs. internment camps, Chamberlain vs. Churchill, Queen Wilhelmina, and more.

It’s an outstanding resource for classroom use as a biography and as anchor text studying World War II. It addresses social studies themes such as: historical events; culture and cultural diversity; continuity and change among and between cultures; national and community institutions; the powers and challenges of governance; citizenship and civic ideals and practices; and global connections.

Grades 4+

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