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by Derf Backderf. New York: Abrams ComicArts, 2015

This book is about the life of Derf, a garbage collector. While it has mature content and is for older audiences, we include it here because there are outstanding elements and pages about managing trash and waste, garbage collecting that can easily be incorporated and used in classrooms. It addresses social studies themes such as: national and community institutions.

Anchor pages you may want to teach with include: Pages 14-16 (brief history of Garbage); pp. 28-33 (statistics and facts about garbage we produce); pp. 96-97 (how a garbage truck works); pp. 112-114 (about landfills); pp. 155 -159 (landfill regulations and environmental issues surrounding them); and pp. 228-233 (state of garbage today).

Starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, and Shelf Awareness

Grades 9+

Anchor pages above can be used for grades 6+

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