A Sneak-Peak at Comic-con International, San Diego

A quick preview for those heading to Comic-con International (follow up post to come) –San Diego, July 17-21, 2019

This year, Comic-con continues to expand. The industry show will be in the convention but even if you don't have a badge there's stuff to do. There will be educational programming (see two choices below), and studios will have "Experiences" all (badge and non-badge holders) can enjoy. Below I list just a few (and will post after the convention to share the highlights):

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING: Panels for parents and teachers will be held at the library. No badges are necessary.

You Have to Read the Pictures, Too: Visual Literacy and Analyzing Graphic Texts with Students  In this crash course in text analysis for graphic novels, teachers and industry experts will demonstrate techniques and tools for building critical literacy skills with graphic texts. Join us as we discuss how comics and graphic novels are different from other texts and how they are similar, how to support students in analyzing the combination of images and text, and how students can use visual text evidence to support their thinking. Featuring Rachelle Cruz (UC Riverside, Experiencing Comics), Derek Heid (high school English Language Arts, TVUSD), Talia Hurwich (NYU, Worth A Thousand Words), Laurence Tan (LAUSD Teacher of the Year), Tony Weaver Jr. (founder, Weird Enough Productions), and moderator Tracy Edmunds (Graphic Novels are Elementary!)  Shiley Special Events Suite, San Diego Central Library. Saturday


If you can’t join us at these panels, please contact me I’ll gladly share the work and will post about them after the convention.

Ask Me Anything: Pick Educators’ and Creators’ Brains on Comics in Classrooms. This Q&A session allows attendees to ask a range of professionals about incorporating comics in classrooms. Ask us about recommendations, how to get parents/administrators on board, how to find supporting resources, or even how to discuss authorial intent with your students. Our teacher/creator panelists can help you out. Where the conversation goes is up to you. Join educators Meryl Jaffe (Johns Hopkins University, Worth A Thousand Words), Derek Heid (HS ELA, TVUSD), Tracy Edmunds (LitX, Graphic Novels are Elementary!), join authors Mark Seigel (5 Worlds), Ben Costa/James Parks (Rickety Stitch); and editor Gina Gagliano (PenguinRandomHouse), with moderator/educator Talia Hurwich (NYU, Worth A Thousand Words). Room: Special Events Suite, San Diego Central Library. Saturday. 2:00-3:00 p.m.

OUTDOOR "EXPERIENCES" (no badges necessary):

Fox Studios will have a "Fox Fan Fare" at the Children's Museum Park with rides and games themed around The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, and more.

NBC has a large presence with three show-themed events. At the Tin Fish (in the Gaslamp Quarter) there will be a Brooklyn Nine-Nine Experience where guests have to complete various tasks to prove they've got what it takes to join the Nine-nine squad. Superstore is taking over the Hard Rock Hotel lobby and The Good Place will be taking over IHOP just outside the convention. Expect waits.


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