Quarantine Respite for You and Your child: "One More Story" - An Interactive Pod Cast for Kids

It's been some time since my last post and I have something really cool to share with you: an interactive story-telling podcast from aeaea.co

Aeaea.co is a new format bringing together authors, actors, producers, coders, and creators of all kind, to explore what the medium of podcasting can be. While still expaninding their library, they offer podcast for adults and for kids. It's the kids' podcast I'd like to talk about and share with you: ONE MORE STORY.

One More Story is geared for kids ages 7-11, but I've shared it with older and younger kids who have loved it.

It starts with the image you see above and a child asking for a bedtime story. As Dad tells the story, the chalk board (seen above the bed) gives the child prompts to pick - prompts inspired by items found in a child's bedroom - to help shape and tell the story.

Kids can do a quick story but they also have the option of going through various story permutations, meeting cool characters (a race car, toy soldier, Norwegian sweater, a rambunctious corgi, a fairy, a troll, a ukulele, and more). Each option tells opens a new facet to the adventure and kids will learn about music, dance, far away places, ancient cities, different types of jobs, and dealing with different emotions and challenges.

In short, they can spend hours exploring. And while the role of the parent is voiced by an actor, it is your child - with the help of the blackboard - who actually shapes and participates in the story.

It has wonderful vocabulary, is engaging and there are (or will soon be - I explored it as it was being written) discussion prompts and links you and your child can explore to learn more about the different story elements. If these prompts are not yet up they will be and your child will learn about musical instruments, dance, ancient cities and more. They can explore what "perspective" means and engage on new, exciting levels.

In a time of quarantine - the is really a nice learning experience, a nice diversion, and a great multimedia literacy exploration. Enjoy and stay well!


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