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Celebrating #TeachGraphixWeek!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

December 9-13 is Teach Graphix Week at Scholastic where they're hoping to help educators motivate and inspire young readers. They've got free classroom activities, resources, and videos from Graphix authors and from me and my co-author Talia Hurwich.

Here's a direct YouTube link for our video:

During this year’s Teach Graphix Week (December 9–13), you can encourage readers to think critically about visual storytelling by:

  • Learning how to incorporate graphic novels into your daily curriculum;

  • Letting students get creative by having them write their own panels and comics;

  • Inspiring students to share their creations and ideas with others;

  • Watching education experts (like me :-D) share their testimonials about the value of graphic novels. Your video is now live on our social platforms. You can check it out here: YouTubeInstagramTwitter.; and

  • Watching inside the studio tips from your favorite Graphix authors. Raina Telgemeir will talk about graphic memoirs Watch the video here; Dav Pilkey will talk about How to Draw; Aron Nels Steinke will talk about setting; Kazu Kubuishi talks about Character Development; Lauren Tarshis about story adaption and research; and Varian Johnson & Shannon Wright discuss outlining stories and the making of a cover. [Note that each day this week one more video will appear at 9PM - hence the one link as Raina and my videos are the only ones up at the time of posting.]

Please check these authors and their books out in the "Recommended Books" section along with lesson suggestions for many of them at

Download your free week’s worth of questions, prompts, and activities, click on the links below:  

Thanks for the visit. I hope you have Happy Holidays and I send wishes for us all to have an awesome 2020!

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